CareerSure is completely different to other Career Guidance tests you see online as it measures Aptitudes - our natural abilities that develop within each of us. Aptitudes are THE KEY INDICATOR as to how you will perform in any career & when we do something we're naturally suited to we also enjoy it a lot more! That's why thousands of companies use aptitude testing as part of their recruitment process including Apple, Samsung, Nike, Ford, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Barclays, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson plus loads more.

There's been 90 years of research go into these assessments & they're not like other questionnaires that can change based upon your mood or interests at the time. Our Aptitudes finish developing at around 15 years of age & remain stable throughout our life.

Your perfect Career is found where your Aptitudes, Personality & Interests all meet & leaving one of these out is like missing a piece of the puzzle.

Your Perfect Career Venn Diagram

These are your natural gifts that are part of what make you unique - your natural abilities. Aptitudes settle at around 15 years of age & don't change significantly throughout our entire life & they are why some people are naturally good at certain activities. They create the foundation for our assessment & show us what careers you will naturally be good at & because they play into your natural strengths - you'll also enjoy them more. We're the only program we know of that assess these at all levels.

How do you interact with others? What environment do you work best in? How do you make decisions? Your personality provides valuable insight into how you interact with the world around you & therefore what careers that fits with. We go beyond the surface of how others see you to how you truly are at a deep level. It provides the second piece of the puzzle & also provides valuable insights into how you can best succeed at whatever career you choose

What are you truly passionate about? What areas do you enjoy? The final piece of the puzzle shows us what you actually care about & what careers match up with your interests. You might have great Aptitudes & Personality for a surgeon but if you faint at the sight of blood it's probably not for you.

How does the Aptitude Assessment work & what if I fail?

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The entire assessment can be done online from your computer at your convenience & takes around 2-3 hours depending on the package you choose. The great thing with Aptitudes is we all have them & you can't fail! It's not a test - they are assessments to show where your ability lies. Each Aptitude has a sliding scale where you are strong at one end or the other, or sit in the middle. Each position on the scale is better suited to certain careers & then combining all the Aptitudes together we get a clear picture of what makes you uniquely suited above others to certain jobs. Also because they're not tests the Aptitude Assessment process is actually fun!

Don't Gamble with your Future

Over the past 20 years we've helped thousands of Kiwis find their perfect career & we constantly get the same feedback - I wish I'd come through the program earlier. There are currently over half a million careers in the world - how do you know which ones suit you? How do you know what subjects to take through college? Will that University degree really be of benefit to you? Here in NZ 36% of students don't complete the degree they begin & of those that do complete it 50% don't work in their field of study once they leave university. On top of that 70% of people simply don't like their jobs. We're pouring thousands of dollars in degrees & training down the drain only to start fresh somewhere else that doesn't suit us. Your future is simply too important to leave to chance.

Roulette Wheel - The Career Gamble

Begin with a solid foundation

Castle on Sand
Typically interest & personality have been used in Personal Career Guidance, however interests usually change & personality will develop over time. CareerSure starts by measuring your Natural Aptitudes which are the most accurate & insightful measurements of what you are naturally good at & enjoy. Your aptitudes are fully established at around 15 years of age & don't change signficantly throughout your life. The more of your career that uses your natural strengths, the easier it is to achieve and excel in what you do. Work becomes pure fun as you are doing things that come naturally.

Natural Aptitude testing is used in recruitment by some of the top companies worldwide including:

The Specifics

The CareerSure Assessment gives you:

CareerSure Career Guidance has helped thousands of Kiwis choose the right career path for them - one they love & are exceptional at. It's simple - no other assessment or testing gives you such an in-depth insight into your perfect career.
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Which level is for you?

CareerSure Baseline

For College Students deciding what to study

CareerSure Baseline Plus

Starting University or Questioning your Degree

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Starting Work or Career Change



Special Introductory Price


Special Introductory Price


Special Introductory Price

Perfect for 15-16 year olds unsure what subjects to take at college Go deeper into your Aptitudes for those in the final year of college or entering University The famous 'Natural Gifts & More' program that has helped thousands of kiwis.
Minimum level if you have learning disabilities - extra one on one time may be required.
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One on One coaching that is outcome based, not time based. We work with you until you have reached the decision on the next stage of your career.
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