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Woman smiling on phone You know that feeling you get on a Sunday night? Kind of like butterflies and queasiness? Well, it’s a thing – officially, it’s called The Sunday Night Blues and at least 81% of people get it. How good would it feel to get rid of the Sunday Night Blues forever (or at least most of the time)?

Study after study will tell you that most people hate their jobs because they choose unfulfilling careers.

If you can’t decide what you want to do with your life, or if you feel that your life is wasted, your skills gathering dust, your degree not worth the paper it’s written on – if you get the Sunday Night Blues – you need to make some choices.

Just make sure they’re informed choices.

CareerSure equips you to make the right choices about what subjects, studies, career (or career change) is right for you.

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What do Nike, Apple and 3M have in common?

Man working on computer Aptitude testing is completely different to anything you’ve ever done before, but it has been around for more than 90 years and it’s regularly used by companies like Apple, Samsung, Nike, Ford, Microsoft and 3M to hire the right people.

The convergence of temperament, interests and aptitudes is where you will find your career, your calling; the ‘thing’ you love doing.
Your Perfect Career Venn Diagram
Your aptitudes are your natural gifts. They are unique to you. They settle at around the age of 15 and pretty much stay with you for the rest of your life. A career that complements your natural strength is more enjoyable and satisfying.

Your personality results will give you insights into how you relate to the world and those around you. CareerSure’s assessments dig deep to help you understand how you make decisions, what environment is best for you and the kind of people you get along with.

So, most careers are decided because we had a vague interest in this or that, or dad or mum said you’d be good at it. The problem is that sometimes the job isn’t what you expected and doesn’t actually have much to do with your interests.

CareerSure’s assessment helps you identify your true passions, the things you care about and how a potential future career, or career change, matches with your interests.

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What’s involved?

Take the assessment online from the comfort of your own home. It is in-depth and it does take about 2 – 3 hours to complete, but it’s not a long list of boring questions. There is no pass, there is no fail, there’s only your assessment and where you sit on the scale between things like ‘specialist’ and ‘generalist’.

Not your typical career guidance

Traditional career guidance focuses on interests and personality, usually asking dumb questions like ‘what do you like doing?’ Well if you knew everything there was to like, you wouldn’t be looking for guidance, would you?

Put the three together and you get the CareerSure assessment.

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What do you get?

Woman on Laptop

Make an informed choice about your career or career change today.

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