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We are passionate about uncovering latent human potential and releasing the created greatness within each of us.

We show how our natural abilities dovetail together and interlink with our temperament - knowing this helps people achieve their greatest accomplishments.

When given insight to our real capabilities and when provided the right tools and information to release these abilities we can achieve amazing things.

When working with individuals, our focus is in helping people discover what they are really magnificent at and how to apply their abilities for satisfaction, enjoyment and future success.

With organisations we qualify and maximize their human capital for increased productivity and better individual and team satisfaction, fulfilment and success. When each person in an organisation is in a position they naturally fit, there is high productivity and great team satisfaction.

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The motivation to start Achievement Discoveries came through the founder, Brian Noble seeing vast amount of unused human potential while in senior management positions with multi-national businesses such as Canon and Xerox.

With over 20 years experience in Career Guidance, Aptitude Assessment, Temperament Profiling & Career Coaching - we are passionate about helping people find their calling - the career that is perfectly suited to them.

We promise that our focus in all our dealings with you will first and foremost be inproviding you with true value.