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Teenager on roof top So how can you help your teenager or young adult make a life defining career decision without looking at you sideways? Empower them to make the right decision

Choosing what subjects to take and what career to follow can be extremely stressful. Students are forced to make the decision with limited information, based upon what they think they will enjoy or suggestions from friends and family. Your career is where you spend a large majority of your life, and we place our children in an impossible situation by expecting them to choose the right path with no solid data. That is why 36% of students in NZ don't complete their university degree and of those that do 50% do not work in their field of study.

The foundation of understanding which career path should be followed is aptitudes - our natural abilities that reveal what tasks we will excel it and enjoy. Over the past 100 years these have shown themselves to be the key measure in understanding where we should work - that's why 70% of fortune 500 companies use Aptitude assessment in their Pre-Recruitment process.

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Your child was born gifted. Now you can help them unpack those gifts and put them to good use.
Teenagers on couch Aptitudes are unique to each person and effectively show how our brains function and what tasks we will naturally find easier and more enjoyable. They are not a measure of IQ or educational ability and they do not change throughout our lives. Aptitudes stabilise at ~15 years of age and remain constant throughout your entire working life, so they provide both an immediate and long term framework for your child in planning their career and they can return to the results whenever they are looking to make a change.

What would it be worth to know your child is choosing the right subjects now for their future career. How would their study patterns and attitude change if they truly understood their unique set of strengths and abilities and how to utilise those for the most rewarding and fulfilling career possible? Do not leave this incredibly important decision to chance.

People who have completed the CareerSure online assessment report:

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My daughter had no idea of what she wanted to do, or was capable of doing... The work you did was instrumental in her realisation of her abilities and skills.
- Barbara Johnson
Why does the CareerSure assessment enjoy such success?
Unlike most career guidance services, the assessment is not an exhausting and boring questionnaire – it also uses puzzles, graphics and visual devices.

Unlike most career guidance services, it isn’t based on asking your teenager or young adult about what they enjoy doing.
With more than 12,000 careers to choose from, how on earth are they supposed to know the answer to that?

CareerSure measures three critical areas to accurately analysis your child’s strengths, talents, gifts and abilities:

1. Aptitudes
Your aptitudes are your natural gifts. They are unique to you. They settle at around the age of 15 and pretty much stay with you for the rest of your life. A career that complements your natural strength is more enjoyable and satisfying.

2. Temperament
Your personality results will give you insights into how you relate to the world and those around you. CareerSure’s assessments dig deep to help you understand how you make decisions, what environment is best for you and the kind of people you get along with.

3. Interests
Most careers are decided because we had a vague interest in this or that, or dad or mum said you’d be good at that. The problem is that sometimes the job isn’t what you expected and doesn’t have much to do with your interests.

CareerSure’s assessment helps you identify your true passions, the things you care about and how a potential future career, or career change, matches with your interests.

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It was fantastic. Once he had that goal set he was off on a path and he's never looked back. It's been incredible to see the change in him.
- Anne, Parent
CareerSure Student
Many students are in doubt about the chosen subjects for this year and study or work direction for 2025. CareerSure Student with give you a clear and accurate direction for the future. Don't just guess at what to do, know the factual information that will give you the confidence to know what you are studying will fit with the careers you will find come naturally and you enjoy. We have limited capacity at present, you can start the on-line Worksample Profile as soon as you register. Know the study direction that fits you perfectly, those you have been designed to fit perfectly.

CareerSure Student provides the perfect foundation for you to uncover your aptitudes, temperament and interests and begin to understand how your unique strengths will help them throughout your career. The assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete online and then you'll meet with one of our expert coaches (either in person or via Skype) for your coaching session(s) and we will meet with you for as long and as many times as you need until you have a clear direction for your career - all included in the package.

CareerSure Student includes:

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