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Man with soldering iron We often hear terms like midlife crisis and burnout but what can we do about it? Often we experience a feeling of unfulfillment (and sometimes it’s stronger than that - sometimes we just flat out hate our job) when our aptitudes don’t match up with what we do.

The CareerSure assessment will teach you about your aptitudes - your natural gifts - and empower you to discover what you naturally do well and enjoy so you can know the careers that are specifically designed to suit you.

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70% of people in NZ don't like their job - do something about it!
Two women meeting Our assessment doesn't start with what you like, because so many of us don't know what we don't know. Instead we start with aptitudes that have 90 years scientific backing as one of the best ways to tell career success and satisfaction. Don't take our word for it, over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use aptitude testing in their pre-recruitment process - companies like Apple, Nike, 3M, Microsoft and more.

Your aptitudes settle in at around 15 years of age and don’t change throughout your entire working life.

We created CareerSure to not only uncover your perfect career direction, but also to give you a roadmap to succeed in whichever career you choose by highlighting your strengths and understanding your weaknesses.

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You steered me to a profession that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Now I have the confidence to succeed.
- Emma, Auckland
What do I get?
Man in high vis vest People who have completed the CareerSure online assessment report:

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Our CareerSure Professional program includes a coaching session with one of our exceptional career coaches. They'll personally walk you through your natural strengths and weaknesses, explaining what your results mean and how you can use them throughout your entire career. We are committed to ensuring you are absolutely confident with your next position.
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The Details
Two women at computer CareerSure Professional is a complete career success tool for life. We assess your Aptitudes, Temperament and Interests to provide you with a complete picture of your unique strengths and provide the roadmap for you to not only choose, but excel, in the perfect career for you. After the assessment you'll meet with one of our expert coaches (either in person or over Skype) to discuss your results and learn how to utilise your natural strengths in your career. You also receive 1 years access to the Roadmap Portal with a range of tools to help you take your career to the next level

CareerSure Professional includes:

Price - $1725

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