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This course has been one of the most life changing events in my life. Everyone should do it sooner rather than later. - Debra Beckett
70% of Kiwis don't like their job
36% of university students drop out before they complete their degree.
Don't become a statistic! Become CareerSure
How do you know you're studying the right subjects?
Are you wasting time & money with the wrong university degree?
How do you ensure you find the right career for you?

You'll spend over 113,000 hours at work during your life - make sure you're working somewhere that you'll enjoy, you'll succeed at & that is right for you!

Why CareerSure Career Guidance?

How would you feel if you wasted $22,000 & 3 years studying for a degree that doesn't fit you?
How do you avoid being part of the 70% of people who don't like their job?

You deserve a career that is rewarding & fulfilling!

CareerSure will guide you in the right career direction & provide advice on how to best succeed by making the most of your natural abilities.

Why CareerSure?
Your Perfect Career
The process has helped me find my career direction. It has steered me to a profession that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Now I have the confidence to succeed. Thanks for shedding light on areas which were once dark and mysterious.
University Student - Auckland

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Special Introductory Price


Special Introductory Price

Perfect for 15-16 year olds unsure what subjects to take at college Go deeper into your Aptitudes for those in the final year of college or entering University The famous 'Natural Gifts & More' program that has helped thousands of kiwis.
Recommended if you have learning disabilities
Core Aptitude Assessment
Supporting Aptitude Assessment --
ITA Personality Assessment --
Vocabulary Assessment --
Interest & Skill Assessment -- --
Musical Aptitude Assessment -- --
Effective Reading Assessment -- --
Personalised Aptitude Report
Suggested Areas for Study
Suggested Career List
Linked Info -
Linked Info -
Combined Aptitude & Personality Report - --
Interest & Skill Report - --
Musical Instrument Report - --
1.5 Hours One on One Coaching -- + $175
Vocabulary Training --
Top Tips for Writing your CV EBook --
Effective Listening EBook --
Personality Development -- --
How to best utilise your Aptitudes -- --
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