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CareerSure Baseline
For College Students deciding what to study
  • Core Aptitude Assessment
  • ITA Personality Assessment
  • Vocabulary Assessment
  • Personalised Aptitude Reporting
  • Suggested Career List
  • Suggested Areas for Study
$299 Assessment Only

$474 with One on One Coaching
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CareerSure Baseline Plus
Starting University or Questioning your Degree
  • Everything from Baseline
  • Supporting Aptitude Assessment
  • Comprehensive Career & Study List
  • Linked info including Opportunities for Work, Useful Experience, Job Conditions, Average Pay & more
  • Top Tips for Writing your CV EBook
  • Effective Listening EBook
$399 Assessment Only

$574 with One on One Coaching
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Starting Work or Career Change
  • Everything from Baseline Plus
  • Interest & Skill Assessment
  • Combined Aptitude, Personality & Interest/Skill Report
  • Musical Aptitude Assessment
  • Personality Development Info
  • Values Assessment Report
  • Customised Vocabulary Builder
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Why CareerSure?

In a nutshell - Natural Aptitudes. Aptitudes are the most accurate measure of your natural abilities - what you're naturally good at & what you'll enjoy. These aptitudes settle at around 15 years of age & don't change significantly throughout our lives so are the perfect place to start.

Many career guidance programs measure personality & interests but aptitudes are the missing key & they are the strongest indicator of what you will actually be good at and enjoy. That is then combined with our Personality Assessment so you'll learn about yourself & the careers that naturally fit you perfectly.

Whether you're deciding what University degree to do or stepping straight into the workforce, this tool is invaluable in providing you direction while also giving you incredible insight into yourself & your strengths.

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Your Perfect Career
The process has helped me find my career direction. It has steered me to a profession that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Now I have the confidence to succeed. Thanks for shedding light on areas which were once dark and mysterious.
University Student - Auckland

The True Cost

Student on Laptop
Most of us get an idea of the type of career we want to move into as we’re going through college & then become disheartened when we find out it’s not as fulfilling as we imagined. 70% of people don't enjoy their work & so we accept that as the norm. We also have a serious problem in NZ where 36% of students who begin their University degree drop out & then of those that do complete it ~50% don’t work in their area of study. We’re placing ourselves in thousands of dollars of debt for no reason before we begin our working lives, simply because we aren’t provided with the tools to know what careers naturally suit us.

Discover your perfect career now
I have discovered that it is best for me to work with things. I am now doing a carpentry apprenticeship and am thoroughly enjoying it! Thanks for your help!

The Specifics

You'll complete the Aptitude & Personality Assessments online which takes approximately 2 - 3.5 hours depending on the level you choose. We'll then take your results & put together a full report explaining your results, what they mean to you, what career paths suit you & further details on what motivates and drives you. That process takes 5-7 days then you'll be emailed your report & given access to your online dashboard which has further info on your results, links to helpful sites etc.

Discover your perfect career now
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