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Student at table It can be challenging, overwhelming and outright worrying for students choosing which subjects to take at college.

Every student deserves to have the confidence and peace of mind that their subject choices will be best for them, to be in that place of no doubt.

Many students find themselves regretting previous years subject choices then facing delays or insurmountable obstacles in getting to the qualification that they want or need. They end up questioning why they selected one subject over another in earlier years. If they had only known! Hindsight, but it doesn’t help now they find themselves faced with extra study. The rewards are great if you get it right and painful if you get it wrong, so make sure you get the information to make the right choice the first time.

It’s not right or fair that we place our students in this impossible situation by asking them to make subject choices on what they like, likes change and very often through our careers.

CareerSure will give you a deep insight into exactly who you are, where your natural strengths and abilities lie and what you should be studying now to lead you into the types of career that will be the most rewarding and fulfilling for you. The key is in uncovering your Aptitudes, Temperament and Interests and combining the three to provide a roadmap to your perfect career.

3 Reasons to Choose CareerSure Today

1. Over 20 Years Experience
We have helped thousands of Kiwis over the past 20 years discover their key strengths and abilities that lead them to their perfect career

2. Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident in what we offer if after going through the Subject Selector or Student program you don't think it's been of benefit we'll give you your money back - simple as that

3. Tool for Life
Our programs build upon each other and provide you with advice not just on direction but how to recognise and utilise your natural strengths to continue to grow in your career for the rest of your life.

That's just three reasons why we get the reviews and feedback that we do. Because we truly care about you and your future and are committed to giving you the tools to unlock your true potential.

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I had no idea what I wanted to do & it really gave me some direction. That direction was incredible for me.
- Jo, Auckland
Student with Headphones The CareerSure process is built upon the foundation of Aptitudes - your natural abilities to complete certain tasks. These have been shown over the past 100 years to be one of the most reliable measurements of job success and satisfaction. In fact, 70% of fortune 500 companies use Aptitude assessment as part of their pre-recruitment process because they know if a candidate's aptitudes fit with the position, their level of success and engagement will be so much higher.

Aptitudes stabilise at around 15 years of age and remain constant throughout our entire life. They are not a measure of intelligence, interest or personality - they uncover how your brain works and performs at various tasks. It is not a pass/fail & everyone has aptitudes and the aptitudes required for different roles vary. The key to your success is understanding your unique set of aptitudes and how you can make them work for you.

Often students simply select subjects they like influenced by teachers, friends, social media, films and television, however all of these things all make some careers look exciting and others dull and boring, students have little or no experience of these careers. None of these consider what fits, about a flawed as buying cloths without knowing size, or buying glasses without knowing the strength needed. Aptitudes provide that guidance towards what you will enjoy and excel at, not only now but for the rest of your working life.

What is it worth to you to have the confidence and assurance that you have selected the right subjects for your future?
I cannot recommend CareerSure enough, it should be MANDATORY in schools and universities!
- Mark, Auckland
CareerSure Student
Many students are in doubt about the chosen subjects for this year and study or work direction for 2025. CareerSure Student with give you a clear and accurate direction for the future. Don't just guess at what to do, know the factual information that will give you the confidence to know what you are studying will fit with the careers you will find come naturally and you enjoy. We have limited capacity at present, you can start the on-line Worksample Profile as soon as you register. Know the study direction that fits you perfectly, those you have been designed to fit perfectly.

CareerSure Student provides the perfect foundation for you to uncover your aptitudes, temperament and interests and begin to understand how your unique strengths will help them throughout your career. The assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete online and then you'll meet with one of our expert coaches (either in person or via Skype) for your coaching session(s) and we will meet with you for as long and as many times as you need until you have a clear direction for your career - all included in the package.

CareerSure Student includes:

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